Mehyar Abboud


Mehyar Abboud is a musician and composer from Masyaf/Syria and currently resides in Berlin. He plays the Oud as his primary instrument, cello secondarily and sings. Abboud has a strong passion for music and has dedicated much of his life to playing and experimenting with varies types of music as well as studying music pedagogy in Berlin.

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Working as teacher


Mehyar Abboud has earned a bachelor's degree in Waldorf education from Freie Hochschule Stuttgart and is currently studying for a master's degree in Upper School Teacher in Music at Waldorf Schools. Throughout his musical career, he has been continually active in music education and pedagogy. He was active in several music education projects and associations as a music teacher, musician, and composer. He is academically engaged with issues of diversity in musical education and music pedagogy according to Western and Eastern techniques. He continues to work tirelessly to preserve the cultural heritage of Arabic music through teaching and mentorship while also exploring new musical fusion possibilities.

Working as composer


Abboud discovered his passion for composition in his youth, finding refuge in writing music during the difficult times in Syria. He was always fascinated with European classical music and combines this with his Arabic musical background in his composing style. Upon arrival in Berlin, he explored fusion and alternative music. His compositions range from orchestral music to chamber and band music.

Working as musical collaborator


Through his musical career Abboud has developed a unique style of music that blends the traditional sounds of Arabic music with the harmonies and rhythms of Western music of all genres. He has gained recognition for his emotive compositions and performances, collaborating with various artists and ensembles from around the world.

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